100 years of Romania | Teenagers, dreams and hopes

1st of December 1918, the day when we finally got the chance to call ourselves Romanians and fearlessly live in a country of our own. Back then, the city of Alba Iulia was filled with joy and fresh hopes. Hopes for a new mentality, for a new world within these brand new borders. 100 years [...]


Her poem

She was small... Unseen, unwanted, left behind - For that, she built a wall. A wall that gently breaks the smoky clouds - Like remorse diving through her scars, At night when she is chasing stars. From ash she rises - joy and wings, In burnt despair she finds her strings; and melody she spits [...]

A sip of Greek magic

Ever thought about going on a Greek holiday? Well then, it's your lucky day, because here I am convincing you why you definitely should. Either because of instagram pages, such as @topgreecephoto or @great_greece (which are my "go-to"s when it comes to beautiful landscapes and inspiring Greek-related travel ideas), or simply because you have plenty [...]